Breastfeeding, Holistic Sleep

The 4 month baby

Ah the 4 month baby.

You’re over the first few weeks, breastfeeding is beginning to be a bit easier, baby is starting to stretch out their feeds a little at night, they are becoming more efficient in the day, the smiles are coming thick and fast. Life is good. I’m nailing this….

Then BOOM! 4 months hits. OMG. What is this about? Have I broken my baby?

I make it no secret that I find this age incredibly challenging myself, when I’m supporting families. Let me share with you my list of gripes.

The 4 month baby:
* I will only feed for 3 mins & 21 seconds to ensure this is not long enough to settle me to sleep.
* During these 3 mins & 21 seconds I shall come off the breast multiple times to smile, look at the lights, see what’s on TV, ooh there’s a cat …
* My parent has to find another way to settle me to sleep. No, I hate the buggy. Rocking, no don’t be silly, ah the sling. But I will resist, resist, re….. zzzz
* Now I am asleep I will spend only 20 mins asleep before something wakes me up.
* I will then want another nano-feed to recover from the indignation of having succumbed to a nap.
* Now what, entertain me parent! No don’t put me down. No I don’t want that, I want that. Actually I don’t want that, can I have the first thing? No that’s rubbish too, what else can I do? I would like to go over there but I can’t. No don’t put me down. Oh actually I can practice my rolling, yay aren’t I clever? Oh I want to roll back. I can’t roll back, roll me back. Now! Ah that’s better. But I want to go over there. I will roll. Now I cant get back! Put me back! Maybe I better have another nano-feed to recover.
* What do you mean its bed time? Oh no, I will resist, resist. I want to play. Ooh look at that cat. Aw I love you mum. This breastfeed will. not. make. me…. sleeep…. zzzz
* Oh why am I in my cot? Help! Where are you? Oh you’re just there. Need a feed. to. go back. to….. sleeep……zzzz
* Oh I’m sleepy, I want to roll over, that’s nice I’m on my front…..
I DON’T WANT TO BE ON MY FRONT, I can’t get back, turn me over NOW!! Ah that’s better. Better have a feed to. help. me. back. to……. sleeep…….zzzzz
Repeat ad infinitum. Its a good job I’m cute!