Breastfeeding Twins and Triplets


I offer specific breastfeeding support for mums expecting twins, triplets or more. I have breastfed twins myself and have supported too many mums to remember to breastfeed their twins or triplets. I ran the Multiple Birth breastfeeding project in Harrow for several years offering antenatal education and post natal support. Unfortunately, funding for the role is no more.

My book “Breastfeeding Twins and Triplets; a Guide for Professionals and Parents” is available to buy at all good book stores and from Jessica Kingsley Publications

I have a website specifically about breastfeeding twins and triplets here. Please take a look and read the blogs.

I also run a Facebook group for online support which you can find here. If you are in the UK or Ireland and expecting twins/triplets or are already breastfeeding, then ask to join. Please answer the 3 joining questions. For those outside of the UK there are several other facebook groups.

I offer antenatal breastfeeding education specifically designed for multiple birth families via videocall. Please indicate it is the multiple birth option when you book. You may book a package with antenatal support and a postnatal home visit or videocall. This would make a great gift from a member of the family.

I specialise in post natal breastfeeding support for multiple birth families, preferably in your home or at my fortnightly group clinic. I can also give support via videocall if you are not local to me. In this scenario sending videos of babies latching in advance of the session can be useful so I can see really well, and in case the babies do not behave themselves on the day!

Please visit my Breastfeeding Support page for details, or just book here

Health Professionals/Breastfeeding Supporters

I offer a Supporting Breastfeeding Multiples webinar Please book here

My book “Breastfeeding Twins and Triplets: A guide for health care professionals and parents” is now available to buy in all good book stores or from Jessica Kingsley Publications

If you would like to book a session on the phone or videocall to support you supporting multiple birth families please drop me an email.

I am also available to come and speak at study days or conferences. I have given talks for Gold Lactation Conference, USLCA, NZLCA, the Breastfeeding Network, the Association of Breastfeeding Mothers and have contributed modules to IBCLC training by Gold Learning Academy and a Columbian Lactation Education program.