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Welcome to Kathryn Stagg IBCLC.

International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and OCN Level 6 Holistic Sleep Coach

Kathryn’s support has been transformative. I was heartbroken when I had my baby and breastfeeding just wasn’t working but luckily we found Kathryn and it’s meant we have achieved four months of breastfeeding (and hopefully will continue to our goal of six months). I am amazed this has been possible given such a rocky start where my baby couldn’t even latch.

What stands out to me is that she leaves you believing in yourself. We had so many problems that other support providers admitted it may never work for us, but Kathryn was never fazed and did not entertain the suggestion that we might not succeed. She is the perfect blend of practical support and expertise, and calm and caring.

It’s been a very long road but Kathryn has been there throughout to provide the best advice and endless encouragement. She’s extremely talented and it’s been a pleasure working with her.



Kathryn came to my house to help me and my partner get our heads around breast feeding. These are my first babies and I really struggled with getting to grips with breast feeding and my confidence was really low. Kathryn came and inspected the babies latch and answered every question that we had around breast feeding, expressing, tandem feeding, winding two babies at once, reflux, no question was too silly! It really made me start to actually breast feeding following a bad start, can’t recommend enough! Thanks